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“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” ~ Arthur Ashe


GLYDE America Collaborates with Maternova, Inc.

In October 2013, GLYDE America launched collaboration with Maternova, Inc., an award-winning organization working on the front lines in developing countries to prevent childbirth related deaths – the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide. Annually, over 280,000 women die from maternal complications, including postpartum hemorrhage. Several million more will suffer permanent disability and other childbirth related complications.

Easily avoidable pregnancy related death is a terrible trend which we must and absolutely can change. Thanks to Maternova’s innovative, affordable and low-tech solution, the ‘Guardian CBT’ kit, arresting postpartum hemorrhage is possible even under the most challenging circumstances.

As opposed to the expensive conventional medical kits which can be hard to access and can cost upwards of $300, Maternova’ s low-tech Guardian CBT kit components and application are inexpensive and rather simple: A condom is attached to one end of a sterile IV tube, attached to the other end an IV bag filled with sterile water. The condom is inserted through the vagina to the uterus and pumped full of the liquid – so it acts as a balloon inside the uterus, and stops life threatening hemorrhaging.

As of October 2013, going forward GLYDE America will donate the condoms contained in Maternova’s Guardian CBT Kit.

Learn more about Maternova at www.Maternova.net
Ultra thin condoms

GLYDE America Sponsors the 2013 Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

The mission of Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance is to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. Through research, education and seeking social policy development and advocacy, Woodhull affirms advances the principal that that the autonomy of the person requires that all human beings control their own bodies, minds and spirits and therefore their destinies.

Woodhull’s vision affirms that all persons are free of social and legal sexual oppression, and have the right to sexual self-expression and that sexual freedom as the fundamental human right of all individuals to develop and express their unique sexuality; to be personally autonomous with regard to bodily integrity and expression of body mind and spirit; and to enjoy sexual dignity, privacy and consensual sexual expression without societal or governmental interference, coercion or stigmatization.

The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance works on key human rights issues including Sexual Speech & Expression, Sexual Health & Rights, Integration of Sex and Religion, LGBT Rights, Reproductive Justice, Civil Rights, Sexuality Education, and Legal/Human Rights for Consensual Sex Work.

Learn more about the Woodhull Alliance at  www.woodhullalliance.org
Woodhull Alliance Logo

GLYDE America Partners with the California Family Health Council

Through an umbrella of services including clinic support initiatives, advanced clinical research, provider training, patient education, advocacy and consumer awareness, CFHC delivers reproductive health care for millions of clients. As the administrator of California’s leading federal family planning program and the nation’s largest Title X system – CFHC funds family planning and reproductive health services for low-income and uninsured clients through nearly 80 health care organizations collectively operating nearly 345 health centers serving more than one million women, men and teens annually in 42 of California’s 58 counties. The CFHC network includes a broad spectrum of providers including federally qualified health centers, city and county health departments, stand-alone family planning health centers, school-based clinics and community or free clinics. A key function of these programs includes supplying clients with free or affordable contraceptives — including condoms.

Continuing the GLYDE tradition of facilitating access to high-quality vegan condoms via community-based providers, GLYDE America is partnering with CFHS as a preferred vendor for its national cooperative comprised of over 3,000 reproductive health resources.

Learn more about the California Family Health Council at www.cfhc.org
California Family Health Council

Fair Play, Fair Trade: GLYDE’s History of Service

Founded in 1990, GLYDE is the first global sexual health company built on the core principals of socially engaged ethical business. GLYDE has consistently demonstrated leadership and commitment to public health and sexual wellness and through philanthropy and alliances with socially conscious partners. The natural rubber used in making GLYDE condoms is sourced from Fair Trade farms and the technicians who make our condoms are paid a living wage.

As the Australian Ministry of Health’s leading condom supplier for almost two decades, GLYDE is instrumental in advancing HIV/AIDS and reproductive health education and advocacy. GLYDE also maintains longstanding partnerships with a variety of worldwide public health workers, non-profit organizations, NGO’s and community resources that enhance the lives of individuals, including those with disabilities.

Through GLYDE’s Red Ribbon campaign, we’ve distributed millions of free condoms to sex workers throughout Southeast Asia, in conjunction with safe sex education and HIV/AIDS prevention resources. The program also functions as a fund-raising vehicle in which non-profits and NGO’s are equipped with Red Ribbon condoms which they can sell to fund their programs.

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