Wondering what makes our condoms non-toxic, organic and sustainable?

Chemical agents including Zinc N diethyldithiocarbomate, Zinc N dibutyldithiocarbomate and N-Nitrosamine
During the manufacturing process of GLYDE condoms Zinc N diethyldithiocarbomate and zinc N dibutyldithiocarbomate are not used. Nitrosamines  can occur in a variety of everyday products including drinking water, meats, beer, pickled and fermented foods, preserved foods, latex gloves, baby pacifiers, rubber toys and condoms. However, the minimal amount of nitrosamines found in such items as baby’s soothers, latex gloves and latex condoms is in trace amounts far below the dose known to pose risk to human health – by less than 1 million.  Scientific studies including those conducted by the National Institute of Health and The Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Institute in Germany concluded the levels of N-Nitrosamine found in condoms does not pose immediate risks to users. GLYDE condoms are double washed to eliminate any residue buildup  from the manufacturing process. Our production is in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) while strictly adhering to FDA/ISO requirements, and meet all major international standards including ISO 4074, World Health Organization, and European (CE) Standards.

Formaldehyde and talcum
GLYDE does not use Formaldehyde or Talcum in its manufacturing process. Instead GLYDE uses food-grade oat powder to prevent the natural rubber latex from sticking during production.

Our Plant-based formula free of additives and chemicals
Our condoms do not contain any pharmaceutically active agents (spermicides, benzocaine or thermo-active substances), or other chemical additives. GLYDE condoms are free of the dairy additive called casein which is used in the production of conventional condom brands, and instead crafted with our plant-based formula of natural rubber latex and thistle extract.

GLYDE condom lubricant
We use a female-friendly premium silicone lubricant applied sparingly to impart smooth and lasting moisture similar to that of ones natural lubrication. GLYDE lubricant is non-toxic, paraben free and glycerin free. For optimal condom performance for both partners we recommend adding a few drops of your favorite water-based lubricant – on the inside and outside of the condom.

Naturally flavored GLYDE condoms
Our flavored condoms are made with natural, organic food-grade extracts. No nut extracts, alcohol, synthetic chemicals or sugar is added, which also means our flavored condoms do not contribute to an acidic environment, or negatively impact the pH of the vagina.

Why is the “GLYDE Ultra Cola” also called “GLYDE Ultra Black Licorice” ?
We use licorice flavoring in the process, but many customers have claimed that it smells a bit like cola – which in some countries is the equivalent to black licorice.

GLYDE condom colors
No synthetic chemicals are used to produce coloring for our flavored condoms. All GLYDE colored condoms are made of natural vegetable or floral extract, with the basic underlying dye derived from red cabbage. The yellow colouring used for GLYDE Ultra Vanilla is made of carotene extract – the substance found in carrots.

Who should use GLYDE

Anyone who is sexually active and concerned about preventing unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, or both. Until you and your partner have both been tested and agree to a monogamous relationship, consistent condom use is the safest bet.


Prevent unintended pregnancy
An over-the-counter, hormone-free birth control, condoms are the only prescription-free contraceptive
method that provides 98% effectiveness with perfect use.

Reduce the risk of  Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)
Except for the lambskin variety, when used correctly during vaginal, anal, and oral sex, condoms greatly reduce your risk of contracting/transmitting STIs and HIV/AIDS. Sex with condoms does not guarantee you’ll be 100% safe, but it makes having sex significantly less risky.

Condoms are a safe and body-friendly method of contraception
For women who cannot, or choose not to take hormone-based methods of birth control (birth control pills, Nuvaring, the birth control patch, implants, IUD, or shots) when used correctly and consistently, condoms can provide a reliable alternative. For women using hormone based birth control, doubling up with condoms to protect against STI’s is necessary.

Practicing safer sex with confidence is sexy
Showing up for your partner confident and prepared shows that you take intimacy, sexuality and health seriously – that you care about yourself and your partner.  There is nothing sexier than a person with a healthy attitude towards sensuality, who conveys confidence with a conscience.

Playing safe = more pleasure
Using condoms eliminates the distraction of worrying about STIs and unplanned pregnancy, so you can focus on enjoying the moment and pleasing your partner.

Choosing the Right GLYDE Condom Size

Condom size
The ‘one-size-fits-all’  approach to condoms is a myth that’s led to many unsatisfying experiences, and an unfortunate perception that sex with condoms won’t feel good. Wearing the wrong size shoe is uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean we all go barefoot, right? The same goes for condoms. With the correct size, a premium condom like GLYDE will fit like a glove and enhance sex for both partners.

Tailored for comfort and reliability GLYDE has you covered
ULTRA is our standard, medium condom, with a width of 53mm / length 190mm
MAXI is large at 56mm wide / length 205mm
SLIMFIT is snug and tight with a 49mm width / length 170mm

Here you’ll find more information on measuring for the perfect condom fit: How to Choose the Right Condom Size

Latex Allergies
GLYDE condoms are made with patented formula of natural rubber latex and thistle extract (think clean and green) instead of a milk-derived ingredient called casein, which is common with conventional brands.  Casein is also one of the ingredients that gives other brands that sour latex smell. Our natural latex condoms are suitable for anyone, except individuals with severe latex allergies.

Flavored condoms
There is a lot of education around STI transmission via vaginal and anal sex, but minimal attention is paid to the importance of using condoms for oral sex. Our flavored condoms (and Sheer GLYDE Dams) are made with organic extracts, are not as much flavored as they are scented – playing on ones olfactory senses to give the illusion of taste. Our organic flavored condom do not contain added sugar or other chemicals and they’re safe to use for oral, vaginal, and anal activity.

General rules for condom use

Avoid rips and tears
Check the foil for any obvious tears. Jewelry (including rings and tongue piercings) can easily tear or puncture a condom. While applying, be careful it does not to come in contact with any sharp objects. Never open a condom foil with your teeth.

Expiration dates
Always check the expiration date. Latex condoms can lose elasticity past the expiration date printed on the foil.

Condom storage
Condoms are vulnerable to deterioration caused by heat and should never be stored in wallets or other heat-conducting places.

How to get your GLYDE on correctly

Don’t suit up until you’re ready for take off
Apply the condom when you are fully erect to ensure proper fit and effectiveness.

Determine which way the condom is rolled
If this isn’t evident at a glance, hold the condom between the thumb and index finger and gently nudge the rolled edge down, unwinding it a maximum of one roll.  The reservoir tip should be pointing up. The point is to establish the ‘unroll’ direction — not to completely unroll the condom on your fingers, which will then make it impossible to put on correctly. If this happens, throw the condom away and start with a new one. *Do this before the condom touches the penis.

Give it a pinch
Before unrolling the condom, pinch the reservoir tip. This will eliminate the air pocket and provide room for the semen to collect.

Extra lubrication for added sensation
Slip a few drops of water-based or silicone lubricant to the inside of the condom for extra sensation for the guy.

Unrolling the condom on a circumcised penis
After pinching the reservoir tip closed with one hand, use the other hand to carefully unroll the condom down the length of the shaft (avoiding contact with long fingernails or rings) while smoothing out any air bubbles that collect. Unroll the condom to the very base of the penis.

Unrolling the condom on an uncircumcised penis
After pinching the reservoir tip closed with one hand, use the other hand to partially unroll the condom over the head, while gently sliding back the foreskin, to unroll the condom down the length of the shaft. At the base of the penis, hold the condom in place while pushing the foreskin forward (inside the condom) toward the tip, smoothing out any air bubbles.


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