Women’s Health Innovation

September 17, 2014

In 2013 GLYDE America launched an exciting collaboration with Maternova, Inc., an award-winning organization working on the front lines in developing countries to prevent childbirth related deaths – the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide. Annually, over 280,000 women die from maternal complications, including postpartum hemorrhage. Several million more will suffer permanent disability and other childbirth related complications.

Easily avoidable pregnancy related death is a terrible trend which we must and absolutely can change. Thanks to Maternova’s innovative, affordable and low-tech solution, the ‘Guardian CBT’ kit, arresting postpartum hemorrhage is possible even under the most challenging circumstances.

As opposed to the expensive conventional medical kits which can be hard to access and can cost upwards of $300, Maternova’ s low-tech Guardian CBT kit components and application are inexpensive and rather simple: A condom is attached to one end of a sterile IV tube, attached to the other end an IV bag filled with sterile water. The condom is inserted through the vagina to the uterus and pumped full of the liquid – so it acts as a balloon inside the uterus, and stops life threatening hemorrhaging. GLYDE America donates condoms to help reduce the costs associated with kit assembly.

Maternova Inc.


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