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Chemical-free GLYDE Condoms

Choosing premium all-natural condoms and personal lubricants is essential to improving reproductive health and sexual wellness.

At GLYDE we know that you care about your body as much as we do ours. We also know that you don’t have to trade pleasure or safety for effective protection against STD’s and unplanned pregnancy.

Founded in Australia in over 25 years ago, GLYDE is the first premium non-toxic condom brand developed to complement your healthy lifestyle with non-toxic, chemical-free condoms that provide reliable protection.

When creating our line of superior safer sex products, the first step was to redefine the traditional condom formula and manufacturing process.

The GLYDE Difference

While many condom brands rely on cheap ingredients and fillers – like animal-derived casein (a dairy product), along with other harsh chemicals and additives – our condoms are made with simple, clean ingredients and completely free of glycerin, parabens, petrochemicals and a spermicide called Nonoxynol-9.

Produced in harmony with your body and the environment, our proprietary formula contains sustainably grown and harvested Fair Trade non-GMO natural rubber latex combined with thistle extract for added resilience. The lubricant we use is lightly applied to keep the condoms from drying out and make them easier to slip on. We use a premium medical-grade silicone (a safe and inert substance) which is recommended by two of the most trusted gatekeepers of condom production: The World Health Organization and ISO.

The flavoring/scents we use in our ULTRA Flavored condoms are totally natural, food-grade and organic. No fake chemicals or sugar is added. This makes our flavored condoms safe for oral, vaginal and anal sex…

Since proper fit determines performance and pleasure, we offer three sizes measured to fit like a glove.
Choose from ULTRA Standard-fit, MAXI Large or SLIMFIT a smaller condom with a tighter, snugger fit.

On top of our creds from Peta and Ethiquette, we are the only condom brand that is approved truly vegan, by The Vegan Society – the organization that coined the term ‘Vegan’.

If you are a woman, you might be familiar with the vaginal irritation that often follows sex with conventional condoms. It’s not uncommon for women to attribute vaginal irritation to latex, when it is more likely a result of the other chemicals those brands use in their formulas. (Statistics show less than 1% of the population is actually allergic to latex.)

Here are the risky chemicals we don’t want anywhere near our vaginas, or yours:

NO Nonoxyl-9
Aka ‘N-9’ is a surfactant (a type of detergent) which is lethal to sperm and STD related pathogens. But the story doesn’t stop there. It is also used in cosmetics and cleaning products and can also cause significant irritation to the skin and break down vaginal and rectal tissue. One of the milder side-effects is increased susceptibility to urinary tract infections and STD’s. In other words, the damage it can cause to delicate vaginal and rectal tissue may actually increase your odds of contracting an STD. N-9 is not safe, sexy, or healthy.

NO Parabens
Parabens are preservatives frequently used in cosmetics, body washes and lotions, and poor quality personal lubricants. Extensive research shows that parabens can cause allergic reactions, and potentially disrupt normal hormone production and balance which can result in numerous serious health issues.

NO Glycerin
Glycerin is a common and very basic preservative contained in many lubricants. Sounds harmless, right? Wrong. When it breaks down Glycerin turns into sugar – which is a breeding ground for yeast and could increase a woman’s chances for getting a yeast infection by upwards of 32%. Glycerin is definitely not vagina friendly.

NO Casein
Casein is a milk-derived powder commonly used as a binder (thickener) in conventional condom recipes. Apart from the thought of milk in condoms being gross, it isn’t animal friendly. Plus, casein elevates that weird sour latex odor found with most condom brands. We love people, animals, and good sex, so leaving out the animal by-products and saying no to animal testing is a no brainer for us.

NO Benzocaine
Benzocaine is a numbing agent used in many topical gels and creams to prolong erection. Though Benzocaine is not known to be toxic, confident that our silky, natural feeling ultra-thin condoms will keep you going, we’d rather take a pass.

In accordance with the ISO and World Health Organization guidelines (they set the requirements for condom production) our condoms may contain trace amounts of stabilizers. We use corn starch in the tumbling (drying) phase to prevent the latex from sticking to itself and allowing it to unroll easily from the former. The condoms are then double-washed to eliminate residue. Magnesium carbonate helps to improve the tensile strength of the natural latex rubber, and ammonia (PPH 0.6%) to prevent coagulation of the rubber and destroy any bacteria. These are the most effective, and non-negotiable processes and ingredients used to make natural rubber latex condoms.

GLYDE condoms are FDA and CE approved.

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