The Kloons for GLYDE – ‘Animal’

November 12, 2013


With GLYDE you’re the only animals involved©.

Produced by The Kloons for GLYDE America.

The Kloons are Mitch Lewis, Greg Washburn and Nik Kazoura: Viral video and online media creators who met on the first day of college and now share their absurdist/poignant ideas with the world every #FaithfulFriday and #ExistentialWednesday.  Their YouTube Channel currently boasts over 100,000 subscribers and 10 million video views

The mission of The Kloons is to create imaginative media and kaleidoscopic experiences by building a collaborative platform for video, live performance and social experimentation to inspire a positive shift in how people experience and interact with the world around them.

They are thrilled to see this fantastic campaign come to fruition, as The Kloons had named GLYDE as one of the companies they would love to create branded content for based on their ethical business practices and products.

kloons hangin out

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