What’s Eros Got to Do With It?

July 16, 2014

Eros and Psyche Astrology

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to what turns us on and what turns us off.  How we express our sexuality. Being irresistibly drawn to certain people and experiences. What drives our most intimate desires? Our personal evolution and sensual becoming is a perpetual process of discovery.

It’s Not Just About Sex. It’s About Self.

Genetics, gender, politics, religion and culture no doubt influence our consciousness and consequently our relationships. But there’s always that nagging, intangible ‘thing’ we just know or feel (or strive to know or feel). That visceral urge suggesting something bigger – something beyond us – is at play.

GLYDE isn’t simply about better sex. We’re always game for self-exploration from a unique perspective, and sense you might be too. Which is why we’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Eric Francis – the world-renowned astrologer, journalist sex educator and editor of Planet Waves. He’s writing a weekly column that explores the role of transformation and healing via astrology: Sex By Sign.

If you’re already into astrology, you’re going to love it. If you’re new to it, don’t walk away just yet. These weekly posts will likely surprise you – they’re not the typical generic “fortunes” printed in the Sunday paper. They’ll be infinitely juicier and sexier. Chances are you’ll be hooked.

Welcome to Eric Francis’s Sex By Sign #1: Week of July 16th


Peace, love and pleasure,

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