Lifestyles SKYN Extra Studded Non-latex | 10 Count

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Due to latex allergies, not all vegans are able to comfortably use GLYDE premium natural latex condoms. So what's the alternative? After testing all of the non-latex condoms on the market for quality and sensation, we recommend the Lifestyles line made with Polyisoprene - an innovative non-latex material that provides the strength of premium latex while delivering heightened sensitivity that feels natural.

Lifestyles SKYN Extra Studded lubricated condoms are extremely soft with a wave-like texture imprinted along the condom shaft, with deep studs on the areas along the condom to maximize stimulation and pleasure.

  • SKYN Extra Studded is the first non-latex Polyisoprene textured condom
  • Imprinted with a wave-like pattern and studs for added sensation
  • An ideal choice for indivduals with latex allergies
  • Sized Medium - Width 53mm / Length 190mm

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