GMO’s in Condoms? Um, no.

September 19, 2014

We share your concerns about GMO’s so we’re thrilled to report that we do not use GMO rubber.

However, we do not have a non-GMO certified badge on our box or website, because it seemed silly to spend thousands of dollars certifying a non-issue.

We’ve thoroughly researched this topic by talking with our suppliers, rubber industry experts and organizations involved in rubber crop sustainability.

Here is their answer: They have never heard of any condom brand, anywhere in the world, that contains GMO rubber.

To date, GMO rubber isn’t really an issue, and most of the world’s rubber suppliers (including ours) are engaged in progressive sustainability programs. Rubber producers supply not only condom companies, but many industries including manufacturers of tires, automotive parts, toys, medical devices – you name it.

All major suppliers work closely with global rubber associations, sustainability and labor experts, and various government agencies to implement best farming practices and environmental integrity. In this case, producing GMO rubber is counter-intuitive to the business, and generally speaking, defies logic.

But hey, if GMO rubber ever becomes an issue, we promise to just say no.


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