Pleasure with Purpose

What Makes GLYDE a Premium Body-friendly, Ethical & Vegan Condom?

Our mission to craft a more natural premium condom, that feels great and performs better, started with re-envisioning traditional condom ingredients. GLYDE condoms are made with a proprietary plant-based formula of thistle extract and natural rubber latex – free of additives including petro-chemicals, parabens, casein and spermicides.

Our pure ingredients and ethical principals makes GLYDE the perfect choice for vegans, people with dairy allergies, and even mild latex allergies which may stem from exposure to casein used by conventional condom brands. But you don’t have to be vegan to appreciate GLYDE. Our condoms are for anyone looking for a more sensual safer sex experience.

No animal testing or milk casein, GLYDE is a registered trademark holder for the Vegan Society, a member of PETA’s Caring Consumer program, and approved by Ethiquette.  With GLYDE you can be sure you are getting a genuinely ethical, vegan, cruelty-free product.

Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Fair Trade

GLYDE is the first condom company built upon eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable principles. We source our non-GMO natural rubber latex from a Fair Trade, owner operated grower where workers are not only paid a living wage, they are shareholders in the operation.  Because ‘sustainability’ and ‘carbon footprint’ are not just catchy buzzwords, but practices key to protecting the environment, our rubber is indigenous to the region and grown within local proximity of our Malaysian manufacturing facility. Our packaging is made with 100% recycled materials, soy and vegetable inks.

Patented Technology

Our patented manufacturing process, called ‘double dipping,’ produces an exceptionally sheer and silky condom that feels more natural, for both partners, while improving durability. GLYDE’s are responsibly thin and comfortable, while exceeding global regulatory standards for strength. You’ll feel the difference.

Odorless Natural Latex

Our natural formula combined with our double washing process, resolves the number one complaint about latex condoms: the sour latex smell. We’ve eliminated the unpleasant odor found with conventional latex condoms. 

The GLYDE Comfort Range: Find Your Perfect Fit

Snug fitting condoms

Slim, Medium or Large – we’ve got you covered

When a condom fits well, it feels and performs better. GLYDE’s Comfort Range includes three size made to fit your body,
perform reliably, and deliver the most heightened sensation


Our best seller! Ultra-sheer, silky comfort with a classic medium fit that is appropriate for most men.


Extra strong and sheer with generous room.
We measure on the inner diameter, which makes MAXI a bit larger than a conventional Large or XL condoms.


SLIMFIT provides a snugger and tighter fit for secure and reliable performance.


Organic Flavors, Naturally…

GLYDE flavored condoms are made with organic food-grade extracts – no fake chemicals or sugars added. Spice it up with juicy flavors that tempt your taste-buds.

Choose from Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry, Wildberry, and Black  Licorice


Non toxic condoms

Sheer GLYDE Dams

Please don’t call them “dental dams”…
Sheer GLYDE Dams are a silky thin sheet of lightly scented natural rubber latex, designed specifically for oral pleasure and peace of mind. A safer alternative to dental dams or improvisation — we know of no other oral barrier or latex dam approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for effective protection against STDs.

Available in Vanilla, Strawberry, Wildberry and Black Licorice