Superior quality and comfortable fit translates to superior performance. Our clean plant-based formula and proprietary technology deliver a sheer and silky condom that enhances pleasure for both partners.
We’ve selected the best condom compatible, organic and body-friendly personal lubricants to extend intimacy and heighten your pleasure.
Five mouthwatering flavors that smell as good as they taste. No risky chemicals, fake sweeteners, or synthetic flavoring...just natural juicy goodness that will tickle your taste-buds and spark your imagination.


Before ‘natural’ and ‘sustainable’ became marketing catch phrases, we set out to craft a vegan premium condom that, most importantly, provided superior fit and performance. And while our commitment to ethical manufacturing has a twenty year track record, we want you to love us because our condom offers you an unparalleled safer-sex experience. You’ll both feel the difference.

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September 2018 Horoscope by Eric Francis

Eric Francis Sex by Sign for GLYDE

ARIES (March 20-April 19) — Not everything is a question of power. Most are matters of influence, or what might be called informal power. For much of the year, you’ve been encountering a diversity of scenarios designed to teach you the difference. This is important territory to sort out, here in our era where many believe that the destiny of all power is to be abused, and where influence is so often mistrusted. Though much of this seems to exist on the social and professional… continue reading.

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Sexual expression is a universal human right. It’s a right that requires access to real world sex education, family planning resources and comprehensive reproductive health care. Learn more about our values…

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