• No Good Reason to Stop Using Condoms
  • Let’s be honest, everyone is looking for a reason to ditch condoms as quickly as possible after meeting a new partner. It’s just too easy to get swept away by optimism when you think you’ve met the ‘right one.’ But the reality is someone may be  perfect for us in every way, yet still carry a sexually transmitted disease.

    According to the CDC there are over 20 million new STD cases each year. In other words, that’s a LOT of misplaced optimism.

    STD’s can happen to the best of us, but they’re not a sign of poor character, and certainly not detectable at a glance. In most cases, they’re a result of choosing not to take precautions.

    If you are planning to toss out the condoms, make sure your reasons are based on fact, not faith. Both partners should first get tested and then openly share the results.

    Here is our list of common (and totally illogical) reasons for quitting condoms before both partners have been tested:

    1.  You’ve been dating for over one month.

    2.  You’re in love and feeling committed.

    3.  You think you’re exclusive.

    4.  You trust him/her.

    5.  No one spoke up – so clearly there’s nothing to worry about.

    6.  You’ve been hanging out with his/her close friends, or met the parents.

    7.  They have exceptional fashion sense and impeccable grooming habits.

    8.  He/she has an advanced degree from an Ivy League school, is the CEO of a hot new start-up, or commands a six figure salary.
    Sorry – but educational status, job title, or personal income are not reliable indicators of sexual health. The only sure way to know that you and your partner are healthy is to get tested.

    9.  She’s on the pill or some other form of birth control.
    Hormone-based birth control may prevent unplanned pregnancy but it does not prevent STD transmission.

    10.  You’re over 35. Better yet, you’re over 55. With age may come wisdom, but it doesn’t protect you from acquiring an infection.
    Believe it or not, according to the AARP,  STD’s are on the rise among the Boomer generation, and even in retirement communities! Single, sexually active seniors should consider carrying an extra life insurance policy – in the form of a condom.

    11.  You were previously in a monogamous relationship.

    To locate free testing near you, visit the CDC’s HIV and STD Testing Locator.

  • How Condoms Are Tested
  • Condoms are Class II medical devices and the materials and methods with which they are made are subject to rigorous regulatory controls including ISO manufacturing requirements (also set by the World Health Organization) and FDA and CE approvals.

    Our condoms are tested multiple times for quality assurance – including measuring elasticity and material uniformity, electronic strength/burst testing, and examination for holes or punctures.

    Prior to distribution, our products are regularly tested again by independent third party laboratories to ensure they meet performance standards.

  • Where Are Your Condoms Made?
  • Our condoms are made at a world-class ISO certified facility in Malaysia that is known for its highly skilled staff and exceptional production standards. In the condom world, Malaysian condom facilities are recognized for delivering the highest quality products made in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

    GLYDE condoms are FDA and CE approved.


  • Are Condoms Reusable?
  • Never. Condoms should be used only once and then discarded. Opt for the trash can and not the toilet to avoid blocking the pipes.

  • Stash Your Condoms Properly
  • Treat your condoms well – they’re actually pretty sensitive. Condoms are vulnerable to deterioration caused by heat and should never be stored in heat-conducting places like wallets, hot glove compartments, or in a places with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

    To avoid damage, don’t carry condoms loosely in a purse or backpack – instead opt for a tin (a recycled mint tin will do) or a hard condom case.

    Before using a condom always check the expiration date, and then give the wrapper a thorough inspection for rips or punctures.




  • GMO’s in Condoms? Um, no.
  • We share your concerns about GMO’s so we’re thrilled to report that we do not use GMO rubber.

    However, we do not have a non-GMO certified badge on our box or website, because it seemed silly to spend thousands of dollars certifying a non-issue.

    We’ve thoroughly researched this topic by talking with our suppliers, rubber industry experts and organizations involved in rubber crop sustainability.

    Here is their answer: They have never heard of any condom brand, anywhere in the world, that contains GMO rubber.

    To date, GMO rubber isn’t really an issue, and most of the world’s rubber suppliers (including ours) are engaged in progressive sustainability programs. Rubber producers supply not only condom companies, but many industries including manufacturers of tires, automotive parts, toys, medical devices – you name it.

    All major suppliers work closely with global rubber associations, sustainability and labor experts, and various government agencies to implement best farming practices and environmental integrity. In this case, producing GMO rubber is counter-intuitive to the business, and generally speaking, defies logic.

    But hey, if GMO rubber ever becomes an issue, we promise to just say no.

  • Condom Lubricant
  • We would love to use organic lubricant but there are a couple of reasons we don’t.

    First, organic lubricant has a shorter shelf life than medical-grade silicone, so using it would also limit the shelf life of the condoms – which is up to five years, when stored correctly.

    Second, as of now, the regulatory bodies who control condom production (World Health Organization, ISO, FDA and CE) will only approve condoms made with silicone lubricant. Therefore, we use a body-friendly, non-toxic, paraben-free and glycerin-free medical grade silicone that’s sparingly applied to preserve latex suppleness and prevent the material from sticking to itself.

    To enhance enjoyment, we recommend adding a few drops of your favorite water-based, silicone-water hybrid, or silicone lubricant – on the inside and outside of the condom.

  • Organic Flavored Condoms
  • There is a lot of education around STI transmission via vaginal and anal sex, but minimal attention is paid to the importance of using condoms for oral sex. Our flavored condoms (and Sheer GLYDE Dams) made with organic extracts and natural dyes, are not as much flavored as they are scented – playing on ones olfactory senses to give the illusion of taste. Our organic flavored condoms do not contain added sugar or other chemicals and they’re safe to use for oral, vaginal, and anal activity.

    Choose from five delicious flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, Wildberry, Vanilla and Black Licorice (aka Cola).

  • Essentials for Safer Sex
  • STI (Sexually Transmissible Infections) are passed on through sexual contact or the exchange of body fluids. Male latex male condoms, sheer dams or female condoms are both very effective in preventing HIV and many other Sexually Transmitted Infections when used correctly, and every time.

    Other than abstinence, the regular use of latex condoms offers the best protection against contracting the AIDS virus and other sexually transmitted diseases, including gonorrhea, HPV, genital herpes, chlamydia, syphilis and hepatitis-B. However, condoms are not guaranteed effective in preventing transmission of genital herpes unless the affected area is completely covered.

    To find out if you might have an STI, regular health exams and testing is recommended. If you suspect that you have been exposed to an STI, visit your doctor immediately.

  • Safe Hormone-free Birth Control
  • Condoms are a safe and body-friendly method of contraception for women who choose not to use hormone-based methods including birth control pills, Nuvaring, the birth control patch, implants, IUD, or shots.

    An affordable, over-the-counter hormone-free birth control, condoms are the only prescription-free contraceptive method that provides 98% effectiveness with consistent and perfect use.

    For women who do use hormone based birth control, doubling up with condoms is essential to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Women-friendly, Body-friendly Ingredients
  • As a woman-owned company, we care about your wellness as we do our own. Designed for your health and pleasure, our products do not contain harmful additives or risky chemicals including Benzocaine or Nonoxynol-9.

    With a silky texture and lightly applied, our lubricant is a premium medical-grade silicone formula that is paraben-free and glycerin-free. Our flavored condoms are made with real fruit/plant extracts – no fake chemicals or sugars that could disrupt vaginal pH balance.

    In our manufacturing process, we use oat powder instead of talc (a known carcinogen) and we double wash each condom to eliminate any residue, latex taste or odor.

  • Premium Natural Rubber Latex
  • We use a patented formula of high-quality sustainably harvested natural rubber latex, and substitute milk-derived casein (often found in conventional brands) with thistle extract – a cleaner and greener option. This clean formula makes our products vegan and strong.

    Apart from being an unpleasant ingredient for obvious reasons, casein gives conventional condoms that sour latex odor and may also increase sensitivity for those allergic to latex.

    While we do not recommend our products for those with severe latex allergies, individuals with only minor latex sensitivity have reported using our products with comfort and success.

  • Choosing the Correct Condom Size
  • The ‘one-size-fits-all’  approach to condoms has led to many unsatisfying sexual experiences, and unfortunate perceptions that sex with condoms won’t feel good. Wearing the wrong size shoe is uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean we all go barefoot, right? The same goes for condoms. With the correct size, a premium condom like GLYDE will fit like a glove and enhance sex for both partners.

    Tailored for comfort and reliability GLYDE has you covered
    ULTRA is our standard, medium condom, and 53mm wide / length 180mm
    MAXI is large at 56mm wide / length 190mm
    SLIMFIT is snug and tight with a 49mm width / length 170mm

    Here you’ll find more information on measuring for the perfect condom fit: How to Choose the Right Condom Size

  • Debunking the Thinnest Condom Myth
  • Some condom brands claim to be so thin, they’re “nude” or “naked”. Latex condoms are measured in microns. 1 micron = 1/1000th of a millimetre. That’s so tiny, it’s microscopic!

    At 55 microns, GLYDE condoms are as responsibly thin as a condom can be without compromising strength and durability. Don’t be fooled by the “thinnest condom” hype.

    When it comes to sensitivity, equally important factors are heat transfer and material texture. GLYDE condoms provide strong heat transfer with a silky material that is noticeably sensual for both partners.

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