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pleasure with purpose

The Glyde Difference


Our mission to craft a premium condom started with eliminating animal products (casein) and opting for cleaner plant-based formula of non-GMO natural rubber latex and thistle extract. Our patented technology eliminates the unpleasant latex odor common to conventional condoms, while producing a thin sheath with exceptional heat transfer for a more natural experience you'll both enjoy…again and again.

The Difference


The key to comfort, pleasure and safety is a condom that fits. GLYDE has you covered whether you require a snugger slimfit, standard medium, or large condom – all ultra-thin, sensitive and strong with a barely there quality. You'll quickly notice our condoms feel natural and perform reliably, even during the most adventurous play.


Body-friendly by design, GLYDE condoms are nitrosamine-, glycerin-, and paraben-free, void of all risky chemicals including talc, nonoxynol-9 spermicide and benzocaine. Our lubricant is a non-irritating medical-grade silicone. Your vagina will thank you.


A trusted woman-owned brand, GLYDE is the truly ethical, vegan & fair trade condom. We’ve always sourced the highest quality materials from suppliers who operate with ethics, and we use continually evolving methods for cleaner and safer production. The rubber we use is sustainably harvested by one of the oldest owner-operated farms in the region, where the workers are stakeholders and paid a living wage. By sourcing locally, we've reduced our carbon footprint.


Committed to best manufacturing practices, we are FDA and CE approved and ISO certified. Every condom we make is electronically tested to ensure quality and performance.