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Rose Quartz Yonii Kegel Eggs Set

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Strengthen and tone your pelvic floor with Yonii™ - a beautiful set of yoni eggs crafted from natural Rose Quartz. Yonii eggs are smooth and perfectly weighted for beginner and advanced strengthening.

Pelvic floor muscles can lose tone and become “lazy” resulting in a weak bladder, incontinence, less powerful orgasms, and a sensation of the vagina being less tight. Pelvic muscle weakening can be attributed to pregnancy, childbirth, following surgery near the pelvis, excessive running or jumping, heavy weight-lifting, significant weight gain and obesity, and age in general. Like any muscle group, regular exercise is the key to toning and conditioning. Yonii™ Eggs are carefully crafted for comfort and ease of use, making them perfect for women of all ages and experience levels to awaken sensuality and improve sexual health.