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UNION Strap Adjustable Penis Ring

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UNION STRAP is a firm, strap design cock ring that can be adjusted to 5 diameter sizes; 1.18, 1.37, 1.57, 1.77 and 1.96 inches. The multiple sizes can be worn either around their whole package (penis and scrotum), around the base of the penis, or around the scrotum. Just follow the needs of the body.

How to Wear: Simply enring the whole package, the base of the penis or the scrotum and adjust the size of the ring to match the required pressure.

Safety: It is advised to listen carefully to the body. How long a man can be enringed varies from person to person. The larger endowed, the tighter the strap will fit in the chosen circumference.

  • Adjustable strap design cock ring Circumference of 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50mm
  • Supports and extends powerful erections
  • A great ring for beginner, intermediate and advanced users
  • Firm and durable hard platinum silicone
  • Extended length 7.87 inches
  • Width 0.91 inches