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Eco-friendly, Sustainable & Socially Engaged: GLYDE America is now a Certified B Corp!

21st Aug 2019

GLYDE America is proud to announce its certification as a B Corporation, making it the first sexual health company to achieve B Corp status. Leading a global movement to redefine success in business, Certified B Corporations are a new kind of company committed to Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

Revolutionizing sexual health and wellness, GLYDE is the first certified ethical, vegan & fair trade premium condom brand. Crafted with patented technology and a clean plant-based formula, GLYDE delivers a more satisfying experience, while eliminating harmful additives, animal products and testing prevalent among conventional brands. Certifications include The Vegan Society, PETA’s Caring Consumer Program, Ethiquette and the Green Business Network.

GLYDE sources its materials from worker owned and operated producers engaged in fair trade and labor practices, including paying workers far above a living wage. Their natural rubber is grown sustainably, indigenous to the region, and within close proximity to the manufacturing facility to minimize the company’s carbon footprint. GLYDE’s consumer packaging and printed materials are made with recycled materials, soy and vegetable inks.

The first sexual health company founded on the principles of social engagement, since 1991 GLYDE has donated millions of condoms globally and is instrumental in advancing HIV/AIDS and STI prevention through partnerships with public health agencies and non-profit organizations including the Australian Health Ministry, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Planned Parenthood and ACON.

For more information please contact us at or call us toll-free at 866.590.9626