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Myth-busting: Condoms are bonuses, not bummers!

21st Aug 2019

The widely held belief that condoms suck should be vigorously challenged, and soon, if we are to see a critically needed decline in STI and HIV transmission rates.

We need to start seeing condoms differently; not as the pleasure-sucking bad boys they’ve been made out to be, but as sexy sort of sidekicks that protect but also enhance intimate experiences.

According to sexual health expert Martha Kempner, in a compelling article published on RH Reality Check “The Much Maligned Condom: Why We Can’t Be Surprised Use Is Down Among Teens“, the ingrained belief that condoms ruin sex has become part of our cultural zeitgeist. So sad, but so true. Case in point: the pervasiveness of items – from t-shirts to tote bags – sold online that proclaim “Condoms suck!” and e-cards that read “Those condoms made it feels so much better! Said nobody ever.”

We at GLYDE think this trend requires reversing! Because amidst all the bashing, people will forget about the many benefits of condoms (including pregnancy and STI transmission prevention, affordability, ease-of-use and lack of adverse health symptoms).

As Kempner also points out, condoms have come a long way since the ’80s and are now better than ever. There is a large variety – including thinner materials, different shapes, sizes and colours and several other new features (eg. ribbing, warming), that can add to sensation.

Our flavored condoms are one such cool, colorful example. Available in vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, wildberry and black licorice, they’re made with organic extracts and can be enjoyed orally or otherwise (the sensational scents alone are a real aphrodisiac). Super sexy if you ask us…

But enough on our opinion. We want to hear from you! What’s your take on the bad rap (pun intended) condoms have acquired? Have you gotten on board with the bashing or are you also defending our little latex friends?