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Practicing Safe Oral Sex – The Scoop on Sheer GLYDE Dams

21st Aug 2019

Everyone knows about conventional condoms. But many people are in the dark when it comes to the condoms figurative little sister, who’s also super easy (and important) to use. While sheer dams have been around for ages, only recently has our culture begun to accept the notion that sometimes girls just want to have fun – with each other. (No small thanks to our obsession, OITNB!).

Initially used by dentists to prevent saliva from interfering with treatment areas in the mouth (like fillings or root canals) it was soon discovered dental dams could also be used as a barrier method for sex. Producing the first FDA cleared sheer dam designed specifically for sexual health, Sheer GLYDE dams are thin scented and flavored squares of latex that, when placed over the labia or anus during oral-vaginal or oral-anal intercourse, act as a barrier against the spread of STIs.

While giving oral pleasure to a woman isn’t as risky as vaginal sex, it can still lead to the transmission of STIs such as HPV, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes. With oral-anal (also known as rimming), chances of contracting something (such as Hepatitis A or one of several illnesses caused from bacteria or parasite infections) are significantly higher.

In both instances, as always, it’s best to err on the side of safety – unless you and your partner test negative for all of the above – using sheer dams is your best bet.

Simply hold one against your partner’s vulva or anus and do what comes naturally.

There is no denying it – for novices the concept of dams may seem weird at first, mostly because they are not as ubiquitously promoted as condoms as a barrier method – but using an oral dam can actually be sexy. For one thing, it adds an element of playful provocation. And – especially when water-based lubricant is applied to the side facing the female – the friction can feel great.

Perhaps most titillating of all, our sheer dams come in fun scents and flavors including wildberry, black licorice, vanilla and strawberry – all made of natural extracts and void of synthetic chemicals and processed sugars. Sheer GLYDE dams are the only latex dams developed and cleared by the FDA for protection against STDs for oral/vaginal and oral/anal sex, they’re as safe as they are sweet smelling.

Sheer GLYDE Dams are available in retail 3-packs and wholesale bulk for public health agencies.