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Sensual, Ethical, X-cellent: Our Favorite Sex Positive Businesses to Support During the Holidays

28th Nov 2022

Alas! We’re nearing the end of 2022, and if we are lucky we will survive the upcoming holiday season. Turkeys and stockings aren’t the only things needing to be stuffed, and you’ve likely got a lengthy list of gifts to buy!

There are plenty of reasons the holidays are stressful, so why not give yourself a fistful of reasons to unwind and unwrap something special? Whether you’re searching for that hard-to-buy-for-someone, Scrooge incarnate, or your sugar plum sweetheart, add some fun to that shopping list! And might we suggest gifting yourself something (naughty or) nice? You deserve it!

Überlube - This OBGYN-recommended lubrication delivers a perfect squirt with each measured pump, providing ample slip for the most intimate play. It’s a multipurpose sex lube, and it doubles for “style” and “sport”, according to the company. Perfect for penetrative pleasure, additionally suitable for massage, smoothing out that head of frizzy hair, or to prevent chafing during rigorous workouts. Flying home for the holidays? Don’t forget to pack their TSA-approved, travel size! This silicone-based lube has used THE SAME minimal silicone formula since day one, and is water and condom compatible, and never sticky. It’s a holiday must-have (and beyond). We have so much respect for our friends at Überlube, and so do their happy customers!

Love Not War - The world’s first sustainable and eco-conscious vibrating sex toys! All of Love Not War’s sex toys are rechargeable and use recyclable body safe materials, featuring recycled aluminum and FDA-grade silicone. One standard base (battery) is compatible and interchangeable with all detachable heads, offering a plethora of pleasurable possibilities! Every online purchase from their website ensures our Earth’s forests are continually replenished, thanks to their partner, One Tree Planted. Feel good and do good, too! We love to hear it.

UNION Condoms - Woman-owned, ethical and fair trade, UNION condoms are pH friendly and Sustainably sourced. With a minimal formula containing no added ingredients, no parabens, no glycerin, and no spermicide, this is the perfect non-toxic condom with a good conscience! Safe sex IS sexy, and these barely-there condoms provide the much-needed protection without sacrificing sensation. UNION Condoms offer a true MAX 60mm width size, larger than the standard 56mm. Three sizes to keep you covered: snug, standard, and max. Unwrap and wrap up, confidently and comfortably. Come together and experience a closeness like never before.

Kate McLeod - Behold! The zero waste, plant-based lotion bar you didn’t know you needed! The Sex Stone contains only six, natural ingredients, and is crafted and handpoured by “local chefs, bakers, and makers” in Hudson Valley. For personal pleasure, or explorative play with a partner, experience a deeply moisturizing and nourishing connection to body and mind. Massage: because why rush foreplay? They offer a Sex Stone Starter Kit, which includes a resusable bamboo canister, refills with minimalist packaging, or their Sex Stone Mini (the perfect travel size!) Plus! Two percent annual revenue is donated to mental health and environmental non-profits. There is nothing we love more than a multi-tasking sexual wellness product, and we think this is quite genius!

Momotaro Apotheca - Finally! A plant-based, certified organic, pH balanced product line dedicated to vulvovaginal care and wellness! Natural products that are gentle enough for daily use include: soothing salves, tonics, tinctures, suppositories, probiotics, supplements, body oil, and more. All products are specifically designed in aiding and maintaining a healthy vaginal microbiome. Pick and choose from a cornucopia of natural remedies that are safe and effective. Or grab one of their bundles of bounty- you won’t be disappointed! Self-care for…down there…is priceless.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And that’s a (gift) wrap! Whether you’re a Die Hard fan of holiday cheer, or you find yourself Home Alone during the holidays, we hope you don’t forget that It’s a Wonderful Life (despite the weight of the world), and that pleasure is a natural and necessarygift to give AND receive (ALL year).

Whilst we may live in a society of disposability, and over-consumption, let us please consider supporting ethical businesses that pride themselves in their sustainable, and eco-conscious practices. We have One Body, and One Earth: May the products we choose to put in and on our bodies, reflect the way of which we care for and protect our planet.

With love and good cheer,