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Smart & Sexy Guide to Condoms

21st Aug 2019

Choosing your prophylactic
As with anything you wear, you want your condom to fit right and be comfortable. Unlike anything else you wear your condom also needs to protect you from diseases and feel good to the inside (whether it be vagina, mouth or anus) of another person. There’s a lot to think about. Check out this handy “How to Choose a Condom” guide to help you out. Now, you may have to try a couple different condoms out to find what works for you but seriously? Best. Research process. Ever. Just make sure you buy condoms that fit! If a condom is too tight to comfortably roll it down it can cause problems ranging from discomfort and loss of erection to broken condoms. If regular condoms bind or are particularly difficult to get on look into a bigger fit. Also, when wondering if you need bigger, length isn’t everything. Even if your penis is of an average length, it may require more room in terms of girth. Sometimes standard condoms are maybe a bit big. In this case these are slimmer fitting condoms . Check out your options.

Roll it on
So, the “is it facing the right way?” thing is perhaps the most vexing part of condom application and I think it is the thing that everyone is the worst at explaining. Here’s a helpful tip: Take your condom out and put it on the tip of your finger- What kind of hat does it look like? If the answer is “The kind of beanie you’d wear because it’s cold out” (the roll is pointing down) then it’s facing the wrong way. If the answer is “A sombrero” (the roll is pointing up) then it’s time to party! Olé! indeed!

Personal space
Ejaculate leaves the penis at about 35 mph (that’s faster than a moped can go, just fyi) this little fact makes it very important that you somewhere in your condom for that high-speed sperm to go without bursting your bubble, so to speak. Often this leads to lots of fumbling with holding on to tips of things while rolling things and whatnot. Okay, here’s the deal: you need space in the tip of your condom and you need that space to not have air in it. It can be helpful to unroll the condom a little before you go to put it on so you have some slack.Once you have it on, grip penis and condom firmly at the base, give a gentle tug to that tip and squeeze out any air and voila! All dressed up and ready to go.

Take it off
Once you’ve ejaculated it’s pretty much basic campsite rules – leave no trace. Carry out your mess and dispose of it properly- contrary to what some of my former neighbors believed this does not mean “throw it out in the street” If you can master the use of a condom you can also master the use of a trash can – we believe in you!

Wrap it up and have some fun!