Eric Francis Sex By Sign #8: Week of Sept. 11

September 11, 2014

Eric Francis Sex by Sign for GLYDE

Dear Friend and Reader:

Every time I read about the “reuniting of sexuality and spirituality,” I cringe a little. Both of these words seem like false concepts. Part of what seems so weird about them is that they start off being mutually exclusive, as if you cannot be spiritual if you like sex, or you cannot be sexual if you’re one of those spiritual people.

Or closer to the point, you cannot admit to one and claim to be the other, without raising a few eyebrows. I was reading the Planet Waves blog the other day when I saw this quote, in an article by Michael Picucci (of Psychology Tomorrow), selected by our editors:

“Sexual healing is the shame-free revisiting of complex sexual histories, limitations and perceptions combined with new awareness, understanding, and compassion. In the process of this rejuvenation, we learn how to merge our spiritual and sexual energies. The ‘sexual-spiritual split’ is a culturally induced, deep psychic schism that haunts relationships and precludes emotional fulfillment. Resolving this powerful inner conflict is necessary for true body, mind and spirit connections.”

Mars, the planet of desire, is about to enter Sagittarius, one of the signs that traditional astrology associates with all matters of a spiritual or religious nature. Mars will be newly bathed in a long trip through Scorpio, and so extra horny. When it plunges into Sagittarius, and enters a new dialog with Neptune in Pisces (more spirituality), there will be some interesting results.

I suggest you pay attention to this whole sexual-spiritual issue during the next few weeks, and not take anything for granted. Accept none of the many judgments that religion has placed on sex, always to religion’s own benefit and the loss of human happiness.

Your own doubt is no proof that religion is ‘right’. Your misgivings or guilt are proof of nothing except that something was done to you — that is, an agenda was pushed on you. Now is your moment to stop and question that, and figure out what is true for you, regardless of what anyone says is true for them.

w/love, your astrologer,

eric francis


Instead of purity or perfection, reach for clarity and passion, and you will get them. Still, you may feel like you’re pushing a limit or like you may run out of control. I suggest you explore that edge, which will also take your imagination to a place that seems more dangerous than usual. The seeming danger, of course, is that you will want to burst free and do what you would not normally do.

TAURUS Sex in Signs by Eric FrancisTAURUS (April 19-May 20)
You are walking the fine line between what is called Right Tantra and Left Tantra –– absolute discipline and the need to break any and all rules. Though this may seem like a contradiction, it’s also an image of balance, and the paradox that you will reconcile on the way to wholeness. When you experiment with one, remember that the other exists. Neither is the correct way — both are necessary, perhaps urgently so.

GEMINI Sex by Signs Eric FrancisGEMINI (May 20-June 21)
Most people spend their lives avoiding others. We could come up with a million reasons why that is, which is exactly, precisely, the problem. How will you respond if someone comes onto you directly? Will you make excuses to avoid the encounter, or give yourself reasons to let things unfold naturally? Yes, there is a risk involved; there’s a risk involved in everything. Sometimes it’s worth taking a chance on an encounter that could fulfill at least one very wild dream.

CANCER Sex by Signs Eric Francis CANCER (June 21-July 22)
Desire is healthy. It’s necessary and it’s a sign of vitality. Therefore, allow yourself to desire, and to indulge in a little bit of too much. If doing this leaves you feeling a little weird, rather than judging yourself, or your desires, ask yourself why this could be so. You don’t need to accept any notion of the idea that “sex is sinful,” which seems to underlie most misgivings about sexual desire. Really question that in a deep way, while you’re busy having fun.

LEO Sex by Sign GLYDE by Eric FrancisLEO (July 22-Aug. 23)
Let your curiosity drive your sexuality. Most people depend on their hormones, which are connected to the instinctual level, and are not especially creative. Curiosity is creative, and it leaves room for information coming from your cells and your senses. Curiosity is connected to art, and it’s an art form of its own. I believe that sexual curiosity is the highest form of the art. Most people keep it in a box. Set yours free.

VIRGO Sex by Signs GLYDE Eric FrancisVIRGO (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
Nobody is perfect, by which I mean no-one and not any body. If you confuse attaining perfection with sex appeal, you have set yourself up to lose what in truth for you can be an easy game. Remember that anyone with a modicum of sophistication will see the whole you, and find your quirks and contradictions appealing and attractive. Face it: when you’re beautiful, there’s nothing you can do about that. So why bother?

LIBRA Sex by Signs Eric Francis GLYDELIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 23)
You do not need a strategy for deeper love or more sex; you merely need to be your beautiful, charismatic self. The only plan you need is to put yourself where you can be seen, and to say what you really mean. It’s true that authenticity scares off some people, indeed, many people, and they are just the ones you want at a distance. It’s also magnetic to those who are bold and gutsy — that is to say, your type.

SCORPIO Sex by Signs Eric Francis for GLYDESCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
To say “be passionate” means “be passionate about yourself and your existence.” That in turn opens the door to passion about others and their existence, which you naturally want to express. But you want to back that up with self-awareness and self-love, so that you have some substance and deep current beneath those waves you are surfing. Remember, the opposite of all of this is jealousy.

SAGITTARIUS Sex by Sign Eric Francis GLYDESAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
Desire. You’re about to feel it, in all its liberating passion and complexity. Your desire is about to take you on a journey. Just take the ride, feeling and seeing the many sights and sounds as you go. Honest desire will teach you, it will change you and will put you in a position to grow, and to figure out who you are. If desire is taboo, these are the reasons why — and they are fantastic reasons.

CAPRICORN Sex by Sign Eric Francis for GLYDECAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
What if your sexuality were on full display for everyone to see? Yes, fully dressed, with all of your Capricornesque care of presentation, yet totally transparent. Imagine if you could not, as you so often do, succeed at having any façade that presented the appearance of denying your desire, your attractiveness and your unusual erotic strength? What if people could see you for who you truly are, in all your sexual glory? I assure you — they can.

AQUARIUS Sex by Sign ERic Francis for GLYDEAQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
Desire, love, sex, passion, the freedom to choose who we love: all of these things need advocates. You might not think that something as supposedly popular as sex needs anyone standing up for it, though I assure you that it does. Sex and pleasure need bold people setting an example and stating out loud that it’s not only OK to feel and to want, it’s necessary and it’s also beautiful. So speak up.

PISCES Sex by Sign by Eric Francis for GLYDEPISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)
Power is sexy. Just about everyone knows that, though few people are willing to admit that they, personally, are turned on by power. You are now visible as a person of accomplishment, which will focus attention in your direction. But don’t be surprised if anyone demurs or avoids your glance despite their probable interest in you. Meet them on the human level, where they are comfortable going, and your star quality will shine all the brighter.


Eric Francis Sex by Sign Astrology for GLYDEAstrologer, artist and sex educator, Eric Francis Coppolino is an original. His horoscopes have appeared in newspapers and magazines worldwide, and as an astrologer he’s known for his outspoken views on sexuality and relationships. Eric publishes Listen to his amazing weekly radio program at PlanetWaves.FM.

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