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June 6, 2014

Scarleteen and GLYDE for Safe Sex Education

We place tremendous value on candid, comprehensive sex education. Which is why we think Scarleteen – one of the best and most important sex-positive online resources out there – is so special. It’s also why when they asked us to help them raise funds, we were quick to jump on board.

Here’s how our partnership works, and how you can help:
Anytime you click through a GLYDE banner on the left side of and place an order for our condoms, dams or lube, we’ll donate a mighty 40% of your order to Scarleteen directly. Everytime, anytime.

Scarleteen’s mission statement echoes our position on the importance of ensuring all young people have access to essential health resources – including frank and accurate reproductive health education, comprehensive family planning services, HIV testing, and affordable if not completely free contraception.

“ We want the sexual choices young people make to be well-informed choices. We feel belying judgment, affording respect and furnishing teens with the facts and context they feel they need, whether or not they are or intend to be sexually active, supports them in learning to best make and own their own choices and lives. We feel humane, accurate, holistic and interactive education, made as pertinent and appropriate to the wide diversity of young people, greatly aids them in making their best sexual choices. We know that sexual choices made during this time of life can often have a particularly strong impact.”

We’re thrilled to team up with them and hope all you will do your part by buying GLYDE condoms via their site! Get fantastic barriers for yourself and support accessible, inclusive and relevant sex education for young people around the world: it’s a total win-win.

Visit Scarleteen for GLYDE products and forward-thinking sex education.

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