Buying Condoms Online: Expand Your Options

February 2, 2013


Buying condoms online is not only a more discrete way of purchasing contraception, but can also be a significantly cheaper than buying at the local drugstore. Online, there is often the option of buying condoms in standard retail packs (typically three or twelve count boxes), sample-sized packs, or in bulk which eliminates the packaging and delivers product at a much lower cost per item.  Brick and mortar adult retail stores may offer individual condoms, but they do not typically do not offer condoms in bulk with a cost savings.

Expanding Your Options
Researching options and buying online gives you the advantage of discovering a broader selection with a private shopping experience.  There is a vast number of websites that focus on sexual health/wellness information with comprehensive product comparisons and reviews.  Before you buy online, you’ll want to decide which condom features are most important to you, including quality, materials, formula, country of origin, flavored vs. unflavored, and size. Doing some research in advance will result in a more accurate and satisfying purchase, than settling for the limited selection on drugstore shelves.

Start with Size
When a condom is too loose it has a tendency to slip off, when too small it may break.  Choosing the right size is crucial for the safety and comfort for both partners. offers three sizes: ULTRA (medium), MAXI (large) and SLIMFIT (snug/tight fitting). Wearing the wrong size defeats the purpose of using a condom, so when the condom fits well, you and your partner will both enjoy the benefits.
If you are unsure about which size to buy, we’ve outlined the quick and easy steps here: Get to Know Your Condom Size

Brands: Old Guard vs. New Innovations
Walk into any local drugstore chain and you’ll general see the same three brands: Trojan, Lifestyle, and Durex. For people who haven’t explored other options, Trojan is to condoms, what Kleenex is to tissues. Ninety years as the largest condom supplier in N. America naturally results in deep market penetration (pardon the pun). But this doesn’t mean it is the only brand worth your consideration.
Conventional condoms sold on drugstore shelves use animal derived casein, powdering, and involve animal testing.  Many of brands are often recalled due to quality and defects. GLYDE is a premium condom made with an exclusive patented technology and patented formula of natural rubber latex and thistle extract – no animal by-products or testing involved.  Because of the unique formula and process, GLYDE condoms are not dry and they do not have that sour rubber odor regular condoms are known to have. They are FDA and CE approved and exceed global standards for strength and durability testing, so you are getting the best of all worlds: premium quality, ethically produced, with proven reliability.

Know Your Chemicals
It is important before buying condoms  that you research the chemicals that are added. Many condom manufactures will inform you whether they are made of lambskin, latex, polyurethane or rubber latex on their website. Most will also inform you whether or not the condom contains spermicide.  Nonoxynol-9 is the spermicide chemical used on some condom brands, and it can cause irritation, itching, burning, and yeast infections in women. GLYDE condoms do not contain Nonoxynol-9.

You Get What You Pay For
If you’re going purchase condoms online, you will most likely see a savings.  However, you also get what you pay for. Cheap condoms may deliver a less than satisfying experience. You don’t want to invest in condoms that are known to break or have a history of recalls.

Keeping It Private
Many fear that ordering condoms online could infringe on their privacy.  Others could be hesitant that condom suppliers could use their data in an inappropriate way. Rest assure, most condom suppliers are well aware of the fears you may have and have taken the necessary precautions to make your purchase even more private than purchasing in a store. GLYDE condoms ship in discreet packaging .


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