Ethics & Sex 101: The Redhead Bedhead Takes GLYDE to the U of Chicago

April 16, 2013

RedHead BedHead

“Wait. My condoms aren’t vegan?!” This sentence was uttered during a recent visit to the University of Chicago’s Tea Time and Sex Chats where the students were first introduced to GLYDE®, the world’s only certified ethical and vegan condom. This, as usual, led to the question “What makes a condom vegan?” Here’s a hint: It’s not tofu flavored.

The students proceeded to learn about how GLYDE condoms are made from natural rubber latex free from animal by-products and testing as well as a patented formula that uses thistle extract rather than animal casein which is what standard condom formulas use. This news proved to be very exciting to the students. Why?

Between 2005 and 2011 the number of college students who identify as vegan doubled, according to a study by food-service provider Bon Appétit. Further, a Key Education Resources survey of 400 students graduating college in 2011 found that the students considered the environment to be their number one social concern. Today’s college students are interested in ethical consumption and sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

This information combined with the increasing popularity of groups like U of C’s Tea Time and Sex Chats (founded in 2012 to give students a source for peer-led sex positive comprehensive sexual discussion) and on- campus “Sex Weeks” show that this desire to live in a thoughtful, ethical and responsible manner extends also to sex.

As we approach Earth Day 2013 it is a great time to take stock of the small ways we can work towards living more environmentally friendly, responsible lives. If we expand our definition of safe, responsible, ethical sex to include sex that is environmentally safe, responsible and ethical we can do a small part to help. This is what drew the students at the University of Chicago to GLYDE with one saying “I had no idea I could even get vegan condoms! Why would you want ones that weren’t?”

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