Shhhhh…our lips are sealed! Discreet shopping at GLYDE

January 16, 2013

Top Secret Shopping for GLYDE Condoms

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We can keep a secret
So you’ve made safer sex a priority and now you are searching for the most discreet method for buying premium condoms? Congratulations. Your privacy is safe with us.

We understand that a lot of people, for various reasons, feel embarrassed to buy condoms. Even though using contraception is a matter of basic personal health and hygiene, there are still some folks who will justify skipping great safer sex, while increasing the risk of contracting an STI or having an unintended pregnancy just to avoid an awkward moment at the neighborhood pharmacy. Buying condoms online in the privacy of your home is a great alternative, but there still exists the fear of receiving a package in the mail so obvious it screams “RUBBERS INSIDE!”

When ordering GLYDE premium vegan condoms, there is no need to worry. GLYDE is founded on ethical principles – including taking all steps necessary to provide an enjoyable experience, from start to finish, so we’ve made purchasing premium certified vegan condoms and Sheer GLYDE Dams fast, easy, secure and discreet.

How we use your information
While online privacy is rare these days, it is still sacred to us and we value your trust. GLYDE takes every possible measure to protect your privacy by not sharing or selling your data to partners or marketing companies so there is no need to worry about receiving junk mail or
X-rated catalogs from third parties. The term ‘third parties’ does not include our hosting services, credit card processing solution, PayPal, or other key vendors who support our operations and efforts to deliver excellent service to you.

When you register with our site, make a purchase, enter a contest or respond to a marketing campaign, you are opting-in to receive our email newsletters. Should you decide to opt-out, just click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the communication and we won’t contact you again.

Safe and discreet shopping
Your bank and accountant do not need to know the details of your sex life, so we’ve made sure your credit card and PayPal statements do not reflect, or any other condom references.
For additional security, when you place your order the only information we retain is your basic contact information. Our payment solution is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA DSS), and we use PCI compliant service providers in connection with the storage, or transmission of Card Data defined as a cardholder’s account number, expiration date, and CVV2.  All payments are handled by PayPal is compliance with PCI DSS policies.

Simply put – we do not store your credit card information.

Order packaging and delivery
All orders are shipped in plain brown recycled boxes – no obvious branded packaging. The address label is equally as anonymous. Whether your order is shipped to a residential, business, college/university dorm, or international address, you can be certain it will arrive without unwanted attention.
Please remember we can only work with the information you provide to us. To ensure your order lands safely in your hands, and not your neighbor’s mail box, please be sure to provide a complete and correct shipping address. If you choose to pay via your PayPal account, it is important that you also keep your PayPal account up to date.

For additional questions regarding GLYDE’s terms of service, please contact us.


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