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Sexpot No. 12 Aphrodisiac Blend for Both Men & Women

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People have been using herbal remedies and potions since the dawn of human history - for healing, for longevity and for sex. These are the aphrodisiacs, herbs that seduce and arouse, enhancing the experience of sex and sexuality.

No.12 is the classic formula - a powerful aphrodisiac blend for both men and women, made of some of the most arousing herbs on earth.

Muira Puama (Amazonian) and Epimedium (Chinese, aka horny goat weed) arouse, lighten inhibition and prolong duration; heart-opening Rose helps us embrace connection; and tonifying Tribulus regulates hormone balance and libido over time, making it increasingly effective with regular use.

Take the hour before sex, alone or together as lovers; on the tongue or in a beverage or cocktail.

Ingredients: *muira puama, *epimedium, *tribulus, *rose, *almond extract and *maple syrup (*organic) in premium vodka.