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Sexpot No. 19 Male Potency Libido Formula

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People have been using herbal remedies and potions since the dawn of human history - for healing, for longevity and for sex. These are the aphrodisiacs, herbs that seduce and arouse, enhancing the experience of sex and sexuality.

Sexpot No. 19, A Male Potency Formula is a particularly potent libido enhancing blend, designed for use in the hour before sex. Yohimbe, an African tree bark, and one of our most effective masculine aphrodisiacs, ensures a strong and enduring performance, while Epimedium (Chinese, aka horny goat weed) arouses sexual vigor, and Rose opens us to connection.

Can be taken alone or in a beverage or cocktail.

This blend is not recommended for frequent use (more than 3x/ week), and is absolutely contraindicated for anyone on MAOIs, or with cardiovascular conditions or high blood pressure.

Ingredients: *yohimbe, *epimedium, *rose, raw honey and almond extract. (*organic) in premium vodka.