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Sexpot No.16 Aphrodisiac Designed for Women

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People have been using herbal remedies and potions since the dawn of human history - for healing, for longevity and for sex. These are the aphrodisiacs, herbs that seduce and arouse, enhancing the experience of sex and sexuality.

No.16 is an aphrodisiac created to elevate desire and enhance a healthy libido for women.

A feminine blend of seductive, libido-awakening Muira Puama, hormone-balancing Tribulus and Maca, and heart-opening Rose. It is perfect for use in the hour before sex, to arouse and open, but this blend also generally tonifies the female reproductive system - increasing libido, supporting fertility, and balancing hormones over time - making it ideal for regular use.

Can be taken on the tongue or in a beverage or cocktail.

Ingredients: *muira puama, *maca, *tribulus, *rose, *raw honey and *vanilla (*organic) in premium vodka.