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What it means to be a sustainable condom

21st Aug 2019

There are plenty of disadvantages of being the first and stubbornly doing things your way. For instance, there is no catalog of pre-made items from which you can pick and choose. What you create or innovate is entirely up to you – including your process and formula.

At GLYDE we saw ample room for improvement in the business of safe sex so we took the first steps in crafting condoms that are more environmentally sound, body-friendly, and vegan.

One of biggest advantages of being a niche product and a small producer is that you don’t have to sell your soul to venture capitalists or shareholders. Small businesses like ours can have a mighty impact by retaining the ability to carefully choose who we work with, the ingredients in our products, and how we produce our goods.

GLYDE is a legacy condom brand and a ‘mom and pop’ company with a premium certified ethical, vegan and fair trade product that reflects our values (and yours) not someone else’s.

You will never find another brand’s condom in a GLYDE foil. Our products were not invented by sales gurus, advertising or PR agencies – they are made by and for people like you, who are invested in optimal pleasure and health. We’re the real deal.

So, what goes into a making a sustainable condom?

Our supply chain begins at a Fair Trade family owned and operated natural rubber farm in Malaysia that was started nearly a century ago. Invested in preserving tradition and the environment the owners take the high road for operating and farming standards. Workers are from the local community, paid a living wage – and men and women are paid equally.

An inherently green commodity, 75% of the world’s rubber is grown and harvested in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. In Malaysia, natural rubber plantations owned by small producers account for a significant part of the country’s GDP, therefore rubber trees are closely protected by farmers and the Malaysian government. Among ASEA members, Malaysia is known for its high-skilled workforce, quality education, living conditions and progressive policies for sustainable agricultural practices, including for rubber and palm oil cultivation.

Sustainably Produced Raw Materials
Our natural rubber latex is derived from trees cultivated and harvested by means which do not degrade and pollute the environment, or the end product. The growers employ various conservation methods – including water management, biodiversity and reforestation. Some of these efforts involve new technology, while others have been practiced for generations.

Reduced Carbon Footprint
Purchasing our natural rubber latex from a local supplier within close proximity to our manufacturing facility helps to limit our carbon footprint.

Ethical & Vegan
Our exclusive plant-based formula eliminates the dairy casein common to conventional brands and we do not engage in animal testing.

Natural Ingredients
We use natural dyes and organic flavors to give our flavored condoms vibrant colors and taste.

While GLYDE condoms are not made with GMO rubber it is also important to emphasize that we do not know of any condoms which are.

While our idea of an ethically produced condom took a while to catch on (just ask the forerunners of the sustainability movement – your hippie grand-parents) nearly twenty-five years later vegan consumers account for close to 5% of condom buyers! The natural health market as a whole is exploding as consumers demand high-quality responsibly produced options – including sexual health products. Very cool.

As cultural attitudes evolve, condoms are no longer considered an embarrassing product to hide at the check-out. Condoms are now proudly positioned where they belong – front and center at health food stores along with BPA-free water bottles, chia seeds, and organic fresh pressed veggie juice. While some may suggest that eco-friendly condoms have finally “arrived,” the truth is, we’ve been here for awhile – the world is catching up!