Sex/Ed: No Glove, No Love

February 12, 2013


It isn’t unusual for fans to send us a nice comment via email, Twitter or FB and we always appreciate  feedback. But when Sex/Ed contacted us saying they love GLYDE condoms and wanted us to use their song ‘No Glove, No Love’ as our anthem, we were totally blown away. We hope you’ll enjoy their sound and message as much as we do:

Download ‘No Glove, No Love’

Sex/Ed is Brooklyn-based sisters Sqwshy and crVxn, producer Marvin Astorga, and their friends Lil Elote, Muff Dive, Kruel Herp, DigniT, and Javelin. Sex/Ed raps about safe and consensual sex, seduction, being a happy slut, preventing the transmission of STIs, and kinks. This pro-condom, queer-feminist band reconceptualizes being ‘clean’ as knowing, treating, and disclosing your STIs. ‘Cus really, no one is totally STI-free these days. So treat it if you got it, and tell your partner/s. Be safe, and have fun– that’s our message!


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